INJIR design


Location : SeyyedAbad, Damavand, Iran
Type : Residential villa
Ground area : 140sq
Site area : 1000 sq
Date : 2019
Client : mr.Shabestary
Architects : Injir design group, Ehsan Malmiri, Masoud Asl
Lead architect : masoud asl
Conduct: not started yet

This residential villa is located in one of the country sides of Iran named Seyyedabad (a village in Abarshiveh Rural District, in the Central District of Damavand County) that you can experience a very good and pleasant weather around the capital of Iran, Tehran.
For the first time the design group had been asked for designing a modern villa with container concept in a 1000 Square meter yard in 2 floors with 2 bedrooms, parking, restroom, kitchen and living room in 140 meter structure for a single man who may sometimes live here with his daughter. But because of some problems occurred around the gas organization the main concept changed to an integrative concept. And the design process leads us to an industrial modern concept with using parts of an exploded container as walls and the door of the parking.
At first we decided to use a container as parking but there was a big problem with the width of the container because it didn’t permit the doors of the car open so then we decided to make a container in a bigger size but this idea was rejected and at least we solved this issue by using just the container’s door as the gate of the parking. And the other parts of it was use for the exterior walls of the second floor that was the main purpose of the concept.
By the right corner of the yard there was a room used to be used as guardroom (security room) with two tankers on its roof that is part of the installations and we decided to keep them there and design it as an abstract elephant statue.
As another alternative we thought about an integrative concept mixed with red color and more industrial parts that consists of two containers in dark color that are situated on each other.