INJIR design

70 years old villa

Location : oshan-tehran
Ground area : 160sq
Site area : 1000 sq
Date : 2021
Client : mr.yegane
Architects : masoud asl, amirali khaki
Lead architect : masoud asl

In the interior design of the 70-year-old villa, we tried to preserve the originality of the house by combining Iranian and modern architecture and respond to the needs and tastes of modern people.

Turquoise blue color, brick, carpet with authentic Iranian patterns, furniture with wooden handles are among the elements that evoke an Iranian house in our mind. By introducing these elements into the modern and minimal design, we tried to keep the feeling of an Iranian house.

Interior design

One of the spaces of the villa was a not so big living room with a small window, which due to the low ceiling and low light, the available space was not very pleasant for the user and gave a feeling of suffocation, and there was a beautiful and old walnut tree right behind one of the walls of this space. In the design and renovation of the villa, to make this space more open and encourage the user to use it, we opened a window facing the walnut tree, which frames both the tree and the view of the garden.
In the design of the exterior of the 70-year-old villa, we first considered some functional points such as gazebos, fire pits, playgrounds, and swimming pools, and then we placed these points in the area according to their use, and in the next step, they were marked with the help of lines (routes). ) we linked together. A path was also considered for walking, which passes through the entire area and is perfectly suited to the topography of the land.